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WAYBOUND, as an anthology, is written out of chronological order and skips around a lot. That's the nature of the game. However, there is a recommended reading order, and for the most part it's the order they're written in. This preserves the artistic vision of what you're supposed to know and when you're supposed to know it. I mean, you can also just read them however you like, but that may get confusing as some of the stories build on exposition and world details first established somewhere else. I will definitely pretty this page up at some point in the future, but in the meantime, please bear with me.

The Recommended Order


  1. Short Story: Blood in the Snow

  2. Lore: United in Duty, Unmatched in Resolve

  3. Lore: Upon My Shield Rests the Heavens

  4. Short Story: A Connecticut Yankee in SecGen Liu’s Court

  5. Lore: Dramatis Personae Part 1- The United Nations and the Interbellum Period

  6. Lore: Dramatis Personae Part 2- The Federated Minervan Republics and the Interbellum Period

  7. Short Story: The Akrotiri Journals

  8. Micro-Short: Jacob Starling’s Day Off

  9. Novella: Sign of the Times

  10. Short Story: Ghosts of Akrotiri

…And more to come.

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The sky over Akrotiri on March 12, 2506. Art by Snazz (@lordquince on Twitter and @heroicmeep on tumblr)

You can also, if you want, read the series in chronological order. This is not recommended. At this time I will not reliably be providing a guide on how to do that, as it should be fairly clear from the subtitles for the stories when they take place— but once the timeline gets more involved, I will put together a better Chronological Order at some point.

Chronological Order (Stories)

NOTE: This chronology does not account for flashback sequences and is a work in progress.

  1. The Akrotiri Journals (Start to heading PERSONAL LOG 10/15/2504)

  2. A Connecticut Yankee in SecGen Liu’s Court

  3. The Akrotiri Journals

  4. Sign of the Times (Concurrently with The Akrotiri Journals starting with heading DRAFT: im sorry)

  5. Ghosts of Akrotiri

  6. Jacob Starling’s Day Off

  7. Blood in the Snow